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About the artist

Walt Smith

Walt Smith fell in love with the Marine Environment at a young age. He has lived and worked in the South Pacific most of his adult life.
Walt and his wife Deborah moved to the Kingdom of Tonga in 1989 with two very young daughters. Eventually they relocated to Fiji where they have lived since 1995.

Walt and Deborah run an aquarium fish export company. In 1998, Walt created the world’s first commercial coral farm which led him and Deborah to begin a nonprofit organization called Aquaculture Development for the Environment (ADE) which carries out Coral Reef Restoration works in Fiji. ADE has transplanted more than 1.5 million corals on the reefs of Fiji since their start.
This passion for the underwater life has inspired Walt to choose from thousands of photographs, taken by Deborah and their staff, and create unique and stunning artworks based on the photos he saw as interesting and special.
The artistic works soon evolved into other mediums as Walt kept finding more ways to express his art in things you could use and wear in your daily life.

The journey is far from over and plans to develop more unique products keep Walt inspired. He and Deborah are now able to help fund their ADE project through the sales of these products and that makes everyone happy.

We hope you enjoy viewing the artworks that inspired the products. You can also visit ADE at
Thank you for your interest.

Coral Reef
since 1998

Made in Fiji

Inspired by the Ocean …

The artistic inspiration for these works of art, created by Walt Smith, originates from the personal underwater photo collection of Walt and Deborah Smith, the founders of ADE
(Aquaculture Development for the Environment).

A portion of the profits made on these unique products will directly support coral reef restoration and scientific research enabling a proactive approach to compete with the many issues that threaten our reefs today.

ADE is one of the largest Coral Reef Restoration projects in the world. The founders are original pioneers of Coral Reef Restoration work in Fiji since 1998.

Thank you for your support!
Please visit and become inspired!